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  1. Ric Torres says:

    When I saw that a restaurant named Paco’s Tacos was opening up, I was ecstatic. Paco Taco was always a childhood nickname growing up. When I walked in, and Margaret introduced herself, I was impressed – even more when she remembered me the next time.
    My company has since earned Paco’s as clients, which is what I am getting to…
    While copying their menu for a project, my mouth started watering. Unfortunately, it was about 10pm. So, I headed there immediately the next day, and had the Paco’s Pic and a Fajita Gordita. MMMM! I’ve craved Paco’s everyday since!

  2. Alex Dunlap says:

    Paco’s moving in in my neighborhood is one of the best things that has happened since Nomad Bar opened up.

    I am a musician, like so many here in Austin. I spend approximately half of my year on a tour bus, van, airplane or hotel. The days when I am home, I usually get breakfast at Paco’s- and when I am away, I wish I could have Paco’s. It’s either a case of absence making the heart grow fonder, or the family putting Crack inside the food. I’m OK with it either way.

    I love the Hatch and the Paco’s pick- but my favorite taco is my own invention using their fresh ingredients- Beans, Chorizo, Cheese and Fresh Jalapenos. I should patent it and sell them the rights. : )

    Viva Paco’s!

  3. Jimmy Cruz says:

    I visited Pacos Tacos just yesterday for the first time… & I must say that the 1st impression was great! The decor & overall feel of the place was beyond welcoming. With Wi-Fi & a huge flat-screen TV in the main dining area.. what Austin-ite could resist such a place…? I am definitely going the return soon. Thanks Margaret & the entire Pacos Team…

  4. Lyra says:

    I had Paco’s for the first time this morning. The Gordita Con Torcino and a some of their regular breakfast tacos, all of which were delicious. All of the salsas were perfect, especially the tomatillo sauce, I have a weakness for breakfast food and great salsa and will definitely be returning for more. Also the fact that breakfast is served ALL DAY is freakin’ awesome, I very much enjoy breakfast for lunch. :)
    All the staff/family were friendly and quick. I loved the atmosphere of the place and the outdoor patio dining area was cute , unique, relaxing. Again the food was awesome and very affordable. Thank you Paco’s Tacos for a wonderful breakfast.

  5. Heather Frankie says:

    I went here with a large bike group of about 12 people and Michael and his brother were so accommodating and friendly. They really went out of their way to make sure we were happy. Plus the decor reminds me of the coast with a lot of cool found treasures and antiques everywhere.

  6. Amber Cobourn says:

    Love, love, love this place. Paco’s is everything I could ask for in a neighborhood eatery – excellent quality, variety, affordable, outstanding service, and I can bring my dog! Everything is consistently delicious and a great value here. Not to mention they play soccer on the tv, serve mimosas on weekends, and it is always clean. I can’t help sounding like a cheesy advertisement, the level of care that goes into this place is obvious. Paco’s, you are appreciated, and I have been spreading word of your awesomeness far and wide.

  7. So so so freaking good. I was here playing a few festivals during SXSW and stopped in four times in three days. Amazing food at a great price, friendly, quick service and awesome atmosphere. I want to live here. The Zarape is my new obsession. Miss you, Paco’s!

  8. Paul Cowan says:

    Heard great things. Tried the tacos. Lived up to the hype! Called for delivery, was told we are 6 miles out of range. Typed in their address to drive to them ( tacos are great!) Saw that we only live 5.8 miles away….

  9. Yovi says:

    Awesome food! The person who took our order were great super friendly and it was on time and hot!!! We searched for a place to eat for a good while and were not disappointed to find this joint. Keep up the good work!

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